Light Blue Velour Sets Unique Stylish Mens Outfit Unique Design | by AWAKEN ART
Light Blue Velour Sets Unique Stylish Mens Outfit Unique Design | by AWAKEN ART
Light Blue Velour Sets Unique Stylish Mens Outfit Unique Design | by AWAKEN ART
Light Blue Velour Sets Unique Stylish Mens Outfit Unique Design | by AWAKEN ART
Light Blue Velour Sets Unique Stylish Mens Outfit Unique Design | by AWAKEN ART
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Light Blue Velour Sets Unique Stylish Mens Outfit Unique Design | by AWAKEN ART



    Welcome to the world of one-of-a-kind clothing that creates a perfect harmony between Art, and functionality.

    No matter where you are. Meditating, making deals, spending time with family, or just taking advantage of the beauty of nature.

    AWAKEN ART is here to give you practicality, comfort, inspiration, and an unprecedented style.


    Measure Icons - 23,464 free icons   Made to measure - You deserve to have clothes that suit you best!
      Each piece of clothing is made to measure. So when you order the velour sets, we will ask you for your measurements and produce the piece that suits you the best. No more oversize clothes, and wrong sizes. It takes us around 5-8 days to make each item and a few days for shipping.

    Needle and Thread Icon - Download in Line Style   Partially recycled - All the tailor threads that are used are not only of the   highest quality but are also are made from recycled textiles. Soon 100% of materials used in Awaken Art will be recycled.

    Limited edition tag Icon - Download in Glyph Style   Limited Editions  - We create only a few of each Velour set. Each Velour set is     Unique and numbered. The number and Pin code is placed on the back of the sweatshirt. Each set gives you access to a special customer area, where you can get codes, access to limited items that are reserved only for current Awaken Art customers. 

    SECURITY AND SAFETY - Have you ever lost keys or dropped your phone? We    did. This is why when we were designing the Velour set, we added a set of pockets, that should ensure the safety of your belongings.

    Pocket - Free fashion icons    Secret pocket - Each velour set has a small hidden pocket to help you feel           safe in every situation, where ever you are.

    Pocket Icon #182166 - Free Icons Library   Sweatshirt - inside double pockets -- Besides the pockets from the outside, you will find two deep pockets inside, with a vertical opening so your items are much safer.

    Zipper clipart black and white, Picture #3239877 zipper clipart black and  white   Zippered Pocket in sweatpants -  Wallet! Essential thing. Need to be kept safe even if you are at the party! The wide, deep, zippered pocket is behind the pants to make sure you and your belongings will get home safe! It is not only a great thing to have this pocket- but it also looks awesome. You are welcome!

    Touch - Free gestures icons   ARTISTIC TOUCH - We told you that here ART is mixed with practicality.
       In these velour sets, you will find unique patterns placed on the pants pockets and the inside part of the sweatshirt. You will also find something that actually can get you inspired! Of course, the place where we placed Set number and pic number is decorated too, with an amazing flower of life design.

        Logo material - Finally, something different than print or piece of material.         Exclusive, high-quality, gum-like emblem!

    Free Shipping Icon - Download in Line Style   FREE SHIPPING - Don`t worry about this. We figured it out! Enjoy your new        piece of art.

    Love icon - Othericons  You love it or we take it back no questions asked - Your happiness is our best marketing practice. We grew only from happy customers sharing how happy they are. We want to keep it this way!



    AWAKEN ART It is a symbol that speaks loudly about our values and who we are!

    The Panther with a third eye open.
    Panther embodies not only power, strength, and courage but also grace and beauty.
    The third eye opens; it symbolizes seeing beyond the physical, material world. It is the ability to recognize the spiritual world and truth and love.

    Panther is also a protector. With a connection to the third eye open, it protects the truth and love values!

    AWAKEN ART is for courageous ones, that appreciate beautiful things and those who want to live life connected with higher values.



    A few years ago, I bought myself a really nice velour set in the United States.

    I was in love with the quality and how it felt to wear it.

    I love the feel, the touch, the softness, and how I looked at it.
    As a first thought, you think that such velour sweat pants and jacket you only wear in your home on those lousy evenings. But when I wore it, it was so elegant, luxurious, and nice-looking I was taking with me everywhere, including business meetings.

    I was in love.

    Even the highest quality item, when used heavily, will deplete over time.
    I was so in love that I bought myself another - the same one.

    Not that long after the second purchase, someone stole the velour set.

    I tried to re-purchase the same one everywhere. USA, Canada, China, everywhere! The collection was over, and the manufacturer did not plan to produce more.

    From that point, I ordered around ten other velour sets from different brands, and nothing was as good; many of them were even quite crapy.

    I was so angry that I couldn't get the equal quality that I decided to make one myself.

    I got myself on the mission to not only match the quality of the first one but exceed it beyond, add things that were missing, and add my artistic feel to it.

    It was not about money. It was about building a STATE OF ART item.

    It took me almost two years. Probably about 30 sets to build the product that felt amazing, had super high-quality material, had excellent additions like secret pockets, and at least used some of the sustainable or recycled materials.

    When I wore it, my friends, amazed by the design and quality, asked me, can I get one for them.
    I didn't plan to be making them. I had my own other business selling Art. I didn't need to be selling them.

    It was actually quite problematic to adjust sizes and make sure it will match them as well as mine. But I love to share amazing things so I did it.

    After maybe a week, my first friend received Awaken Art velour set, I have received a call from a person who met my friend on the street and asked where he got this from. Then, after a few days, the next one, and so on.

    These made me realize that I am not the only one who loves quality stuff.
    More people like me appreciate quality and top-end finishings.

    Till this time, I probably made plenty of them—all of them mouth-to-mouth recommendations. I didn't have Instagram, and I didn't post pictures anywhere. I have received fantastic feedback, and I felt it is a time to share this incredible thing worldwide.


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